Certified Arborist Salary

How Much Can a Certified Arborist Make?

Are you considering a career as an arborist and wondering what the salary looks like? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Working as an arborist is a rewarding job that can bring great financial rewards, but understanding exactly how much they earn depends on factors like experience, demand, location and certification.

In this blog post, we will explore in depth these topics and more to give you an overview of what your earning potential could be if you pursue this professional path. Read on for our complete guide to understanding arborist salaries.

Factors Effects On Arborist Salary

The following are the factors that include in the salary of an arborist:

  1. Experience: The experience of an arborist has a significant impact on their earning potential with more experienced arborists being able to command higher salaries. A qualified arborist who has worked in the field for several years is likely to earn more than someone who is just starting.
  2. Certifications: Arborists can earn certifications in a variety of tree-related topics such as pruning, cabling and bracing, plant health care and safety. Having one or more of these certifications could increase an arborist’s earning potential considerably.
  3. Location: An arborist’s earning potential can also be affected by location. Arborists in big cities and metropolitan areas are likely to earn more than those in rural areas, as there is generally a larger demand for their services in densely populated areas.
  4. Demand: The amount of work available for arborists plays a role in determining how much they make. In times when there is more demand for tree care services, arborists may have the opportunity to increase their earnings.
  5. Specialization: An arborist who specializes in a specific area, such as pruning or transplanting, may be able to command higher rates due to their expertise and specialized knowledge in that area.
  6. Benefits: Another factor that affects how much an arborist earns is the benefits offered by their employer. Benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans and other perks can also add to an arborist’s salary.
  7. Employer type: Arborists can work for a variety of employers, from private companies and government institutions to consulting firms. The type of employer an arborist works for can also impact their salary potential. 

What is average salary for entry-level, experienced and highly experienced arborists?

Entry Level: Entry-level arborists can expect to make an average salary of around $28,000 per year.

Experienced: Experienced arborists typically have salaries that range from $32,000 to $53,000 annually.

Highly Experienced: Highly experienced arborists may earn salaries in the range of $56,000 to upwards of $82,000 a year.

These professionals may also be eligible for additional compensation such as bonuses and overtime pay. In some cases, highly experienced arborists can even command salaries up to six figures depending on their skill set and expertise.

In addition to salary, many employers offer benefits packages that include health insurance and retirement plans. Self-employed arborists may also be able to take advantage of tax deductions for business expenses.

Overall, the average salary for arborists is fairly competitive when compared to other professions in the same field. This is partly because of the specialized skills and knowledge required to become an arborist. With proper training and experience, arborists can expect to earn a comfortable living while helping make their environment healthier and more beautiful.

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Benefits and Perks of an Arborist

Following are the benefits and perks of being an arborist:

  • Enjoyment of Working Outdoors: As an arborist, you get to enjoy the great outdoors daily. You have the opportunity to work with a variety of plants and trees, creating unique landscapes for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Variety of Work Opportunities: Arborists may choose from a variety of different job opportunities, such as trimming trees or removing stumps. There are also opportunities in consulting, research, teaching and more.
  • Professional Growth: By becoming an arborist, you’ll be able to gain valuable experience and expand your skill set over time. This can open up even more job opportunities down the road, allowing you to advance in your career.
  • Health insurance and retirement: Many employers offer benefits packages that include health insurance and retirement plans. This can be a great perk for arborists who are looking to save for their future. 
  • Paid time off:  Arborists are generally allowed paid time off which can be used to take a break from work and recharge. This is especially beneficial for those who enjoy spending time in nature and want to make the most of their free time. 

Overall, becoming an arborist can be rewarding both financially and professionally. With the right skills and experience, you could find yourself earning a comfortable living while also helping make the environment healthier and more beautiful!

These are just some of the benefits that arborists can enjoy from their profession. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide if they think they would be successful in this field and if it is a career path they want to pursue. Whether you are an entry-level arborist or someone with years of experience, there are plenty of opportunities out there for those willing to leap!


Generally, arborists in the United States earn an average salary of $38,040 per year. However, earnings can range from as low as $21,490 to as high as $64,170 annually. The wide range in salaries is due to several factors including experience level, education and geographical location as we discussed above.

So if you’re interested in becoming an arborist, many things will affect your potential earnings. Do your research and choose a path that’s right for you!

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